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Kimihito Kurusu is living alone after his parents moved to another country in Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou — or at least, he was alone, until the monster girls started showing up. Thus, his harem of monster girls is born, whether he wants it or not! Interspecies sex is technically banned, but there is a provisional marriage law on the table that would make it okay…. Some really great anime has come out in just the last two years that is similar to Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou, so we thought it was time for an update. They all still will feature elements that are similar to Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou of course — monster dating programme girls, harems, ecchi, comedy, vulnerable main characters, and more.

The non-human ladies of Monster Musume have gotten a lot of attention this season, monster dating programme actually dating a monster girl seems like quite a challenge. In the unlikely event that you find yourself in a relationship with a mermaid or a centaur, you'll need all the help and advice you can get. In order to promote inter-species cultural exchange, we've compiled this handy field guide to keep you from getting crushed, trampled, drowned, or otherwise injured by your non-human girlfriend. Along with some useful tips and warnings, each species has been rated on the riskiness of pursuing a relationship and the likelihood that your life together will be worth the danger. Lamias are cold-blooded, and prolonged exposure to cold air or water can pose a serious threat to their health. They will actively seek out sources of warmth, and have a habit of wrapping themselves around their warm-blooded roommates at night. If this happens to you, be aware that you are in immediate danger of being crushed by the lamia's tail, resulting in broken bones and even death.

Explore your wacky monster high school, go through absurd and funny situations, raise your stats and seduce one of your classmates before anyone else does. Beautiful art, bold, unapologetic dialogue and hard choices make up this Multiplayer players Dating Sim. By signing up for our newsletter you accept our Privacy Policy. Welcome to the Monster Prom. You have 3 weeks to get a date for Monster Prom! Be your WORST self LOTS of funny and absurd situations Get into the groove of the local monster high-school through hundreds of events, each one with 4 possible outcomes, which adds up to over specific situations.
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Tired of waiting? Click here to disable ads! Kei Nakajima, an average human student, was selected to enroll at a school built exclusively for monsters. Monster dating programme he will face challenges, make friends or even find love. Join him in his journey that will make you laugh out loud or cry in a corner.

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